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new zealand tours

There's no limit to your choices for adventure in New Zealand

Bike Hike Stay are local tour operators based in Cambridge but travel New Zealand

with you to discover its beauty. From 1-day adventures to 14 day + tours

We Offer:

  • Shuttle Service

  • Attraction Bookings

  • Personalised Advice

  • Expert Local Knowledge

Whether you are looking for a unique cultural experience, a shopping day out, trip to the seaside, or an enriching discovery of our natural wonders by foot, bike, or van.

A customised tour package can be created to suit your individual needs, or join one already planned. If you'd like to talk about planning customised tour contact Greta now.

From those that Tour New Zealand with us ...
My Dearest Greta, With the same warmth and joy you’ve shown us during our trip to the beau
Some New Zealand Adventures ...
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We keep our Facebook Page up to date with our most recent adventures. Take a look ...

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